Welcome to the University of California, San Francisco’s digital asset database.   


This searchable database includes logos, photographs, illustrations, video and documents that can be used by the UCSF community.


The new UCSF refreshed brand identity assets are available on this site.  For details on how to use these visual assets as a system please visit the UCSF Brand Portal at


The “Brand Photography Library” folders (accessible only with site login/registration) include images aligned with the new UCSF photography direction, with a focus on emotion, environment, and science.   Photos are cleared for unlimited usage on UCSF materials, with exception of paid advertising.


You are encouraged to select photos from the “Brand Photography Library” folders, as opposed to other photography folders on the site, when creating new marketing and communications materials.  For clarification on how to use the brand photos as part of the UCSF brand system, please visit the Brand Portal.  We will continue to build our photography library, so check back frequently for updates and additions.


Please Note: Brand photos and logos are not downloadable without sign-in.  To download photography, logos and other UCSF assets, you need an account.  If you do not have an account, please go to "My Accounts" to create an account and submit it for approval. Internal UCSF requests are approved automatically; if you’re a vendor, an administrator will approve your request within one to two business days.


If you have questions about the digital asset database, contact  If you have questions about the UCSF brand or photography and assets available on this database, contact


Recent Uploads

Media B-Roll


Footage of the Feb. 1 opening day of UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay. More than 130 patients were transported from UCSF's Parnassus Heights and...

Dan Lowenstein, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

UCSF epilepsy expert Dr. Dan Lowenstein (right) meets with medical student Matthew Hudnall. Lowenstein, who is a frequent user of UCSF Profiles,...

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